717 East Adams Street

Rushville, IL


What to Expect

Sunday Worship at RCC focuses on various aspects of Christian faith like prayer, giving, communion, Biblical teaching, relationships and singing. We are traditional in that we believe Church worship is timeless, but we are progressive in that corporate worship must be authentic and timely. At a pre-determined point in the service, the children (infants to 6th graders) are invited downstairs to the children’s church area. In this place, they will be offered a Christian lesson and engage in activities which make sense to their world . We offer communion every Sunday. Financial giving (offering) is a welcome blessing for our members and regular attendees. Visiting guests are not expected to give to the offering. Our attire is diverse ranging from jeans to business casual. So come as you are!



What’s the Purpose?

We believe that spiritual development happens best in community. Throughout the year, we intentionally encourage small groups of people (6-10 which includes couples and families) to gather for Bible study and mutual encouragement in living the Christian life. Each of these groups is unique and comprised of different types of people. Consistently across each group, the participants study God’s Word and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where people pray together and care for one another. We encourage all people connected to RCC to consider and join a group.



What’s Our Approach?

We are a faith community that loves and values children. We believe the Bible teaches that parents have the primary privilege of teaching and leading their kids. Each family is dynamic and unique. We believe God’s grace abounds not in parents who are perfect, but in those who are devoted to their family and responsive to the Lord. Our approach is two fold with this in mind. We want to walk beside parents in order to serve them in their trek through parenting. We also want to step into the lives of children, offering them Jesus and guiding them to faith in Him and lives of worship.

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