Details about the RCC Covenant Membership Class

(The Discovery Sessions)

This class is for anyone who’s interested in discovering more about the beliefs and practices of Rushville Church of Christ. This class is the primer for individuals and families to enter into the Church Covenant (Membership) to connect and serve at a deeper level. Participants in this class are not required to sign the covenant after taking the course, however, it is strongly recommended that those who plan to enter into covenant with the Church take this course.

Begins Wednesday February 20th @6pm. (The usual Pastor’s Class timeslot)

There are Two Sections:

  • Sessions 1-4: 2/20-3/13/19
  • Sessions 5-8: 3/27-4/17/19
    • We will take a one week break in the middle

There will be childcare onsite. Sign-up deadline is February 19th.

Please call Pastor Jason @(309)331-0200 for more details.

RCC Covenant Membership Class Sign-Up

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