Elder Bible Study Track – Session 1

The Beginning of Plural Leadership

Please read Exodus Chapter 18 and answer the discussion questions below.

This Biblical account takes place after God has freed the Israelite people from captivity to the Egyptians. (The 10 plagues, Passover, parting of the Red Sea, etc.) God had shown himself faithful and present with His people. Jethro, Moses father-in-law, comes for a visit. If you remember, it was on Jethro’s land that Moses experienced the burning bush. He left the House of Jethro and headed to demand freedom for God’s people from Pharaoh. This is the first appearance of Jethro since that time.

Jean-Louis Denis describes plural leadership as a “collective phenomenon that is distributed or shared among different people, potentially fluid, and constructed in interaction”. This is what Jethro recommended and Moses exhibited. It’s more than delegation, it’s a collective leadership movement based on agreed upon values and goals. Our mission is to Love God – Love Others – Serve the World. This mission is based upon the notion of God as the highest value and valuing others as you would like to be valued. All of this is centered around Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Moses, Jethro and Plural Leadership