We couldn’t have had a more uneventful and blessed trip into Romania! We thought the ice and snow on the Illinois roads could cause us to travel so slow we would miss our flight from Chicago, it didn’t. We thought the U.S. Government shutdown could slow our trek through TSA in the airport, it didn’t. Some of us wondered how our limited experience of languages and international travel could keep us from getting to our destination, it didn’t. There’s only one reason why none of these (or any) things have kept us from heading out on this endeavor and reaching our ministry partners in Romania. God has led us and the team has been content and faithful to follow.

Our hosts are gracious and loving. The first night in Romania will be spent in Surduc Mic at the Precept Association Ministry Training Center; about an hour drive from the airport. In the morning we will load up and head 3 hours south/southwest to the work site in Orevita Mare. We will put in as much work as we can tomorrow, then head to the village of Tamna where our more permanent residence will be for our time here. We’ve learned that we will being plumbing the boiler and radiator system at the Church building as well as installing the ceiling inside. We will finish the plumbing job by pouring the concrete floor in the building. The team is eager to get to the site, access the needs there and get started.

We are tired! Nearly 24 hours of travel with little more than about 3 hours sleep each has left us dazed and a bit punchy. We all relish our expected first night’s sleep after dinner. The hope is the more tired we are when we bed down on Romanian time, the more we can overcome jet-lag. So many of us are fighting stay awake until after dinner. Then we will hopefully all crash into bed.

This leg of the journey has reminded how good God is and how unbound God’s Word, Love and Mission is around the world. We’ve been awed with stories by our hosts Manu and Gigel. They’ve already told us miraculous stories of the beginning of the ministry here and how God’s determination to find lost souls will not be denied. Spirits are up, energy is low. All are headed to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.