This narrative below is from Claire Monteen, her sister Rebecca is our original contact with the Missionaries in Romania…

When I traveled to Romania with Naperville Christian Academy, where my sister serves as Admnistrator, I met some amazing people who have followed Christ and given their lives to him in inspiring ways. Gigel answered the call to be a pastor when he was 19. Through the years, under communism and after, he has focused on training disciples. In partnership with Precept Ministries, he built a training conference center in Sarduc, Romania (just outside of Lugoj), where we were housed during our time there. Christians from all over Europe, Asia, and northern Africa are encouraged, trained, and sent from this wonderful place. 

Gigel builds relationships, as I can attest. Several years ago, he met a young women from a small village in southern Romania. She came to know Christ through her friendship with his niece and Gigel’s patient conversations. After becoming a Christian, she begged him to help her minister to her family and hometown, Tamna. He agreed but was not able to go with her because she tragically died of a heart attack in her twenties. When he brought her body to her family, he was given the opportunity to preach in her town, not for her funeral but for her wedding since she had loved Jesus more than anyone. For years he continued to help grow the Christian Church in her town, where a church building has been completed and seven surrounding towns. He is currently following the call to build 7 more churches in 7 years where he has helped establish these congregations and trained local pastors. 

An American organization has a agreed to award church plant funds to his efforts. $25k per church if he can complete the work in a year, have the land and project established prior to their funds being added. All buildings have to be architect designed and follow local permitting and codes. The first one broke ground in early June in this year in Oravita, Romania. Another church in Naperville, IL helped prep the site and contributed funds during a trip in May. Gigel’s passion for Christ has spread to many including his son, Manu (short for Emmanuel), who runs a Christian school of 200 students in Lugoj and handles all of his father’s English contacts. They were with us constantly during our time there and I can say I have met very few people as faithful. They are a treasure and I am eager to return in order to serve alongside their efforts for the Kingdom.