RCC Children & Youth

Goal: Kids who know and love Jesus

On Sundays

We value family worship on Sunday mornings, so all kids are welcome to be in the worship space with their parents for the first part of the service.

Feel free to move about and care for your children as needed. The rooms on the lower level of the building are available to take care of any needs the kids may have. There are also diaper changing stations in the main entry bathrooms.

At a pre-determined point in the worship service, you will hear the worship team sing “Jesus Loves Me”. This is the cue for kids (Infant to 6th grade) to be led downstairs for Nursery and Children’s Church.

Nursery & Children’s Church

Nursery and Children’s Church are a time for the kids to meet downstairs so the parents and other adults can benefit from the Biblical teaching upstairs.  When the worship team sings, “Jesus Loves Me”, feel free to lead your children or allow them to be led by the volunteer staff downstairs for Nursery or Children’s Church.

Nursery and Children’s Church time consists of a snack, singing and an age specific lesson. Infants through 3 years will be involved with the larger group during snack and singing, but will go to the nursery room during the lesson so they can hear a story, play and/or have their needs met more specifically.

Children can be collected after the worship service has ended by an identified adult in charge of the child.

(Unsure about leaving your child with us? Feel free to be downstairs to observe what’s occurring or to check on your child. We welcome that and understand.)

 Youth Group

Middle and High School students meet almost every Sunday evening from September through May.

These gatherings consist of food, super-fun games and an age appropriate lesson that speaks the truth of Jesus into their lives. The middle school group meets at 5pm and ends at 6:30pm. High School students can arrive at 6:00pm to grab some food, the High School group time begins at 6:30pm.

The hope of Sunday night youth group is that the students would get to know Jesus, the adult volunteers and each other over food, games and the Word of God. These connections are essential for students to navigate the difficult years of middle school and high school.

In the Summer, the youth volunteers plan outings and gatherings that are both fun and meaningful until the September Sunday night youth gatherings start again.