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What’s a Worship Service?: At RCC Sunday worship services we gather to participate in various aspects of Christian faith like prayer, giving, communion, Biblical teaching, relationships and singing. We are traditional in that we believe worship of God is timeless, but we are progressive in that our gathering together must be authentic and timely.

Am I Dressed Right?: Our attire is diverse ranging from jeans to business casual. So be as you are!

What About the Kids?: At a pre-determined point in the worship gathering, you’ll hear the congregation sing “Jesus Loves Me”. At this time, the children (infants to 6th graders) are invited downstairs to the children’s church area. In this place, they will be offered a Christian lesson and engage in activities which make more sense to their world.

Communion? Offering?: We offer communion every Sunday. Financial giving (offering) is a welcome blessing for participation by our members and regular attendees. Visiting guests are not expected to give to the offering.

Ready to be Baptized?

We baptize believers into Jesus Christ by immersing their whole body in water as the early Christians did in the New Testament. This practice happens one time in the life of a believer.

There are many Biblical reasons for this practice:

  • Jesus Christ himself was baptized.
  • Jesus commanded it for all believers.
  • It is a statement by the believer that Jesus is Lord and Savior.
  • It symbolized Christ’s death and resurrection and new life for believers.
  • It is a ceremonial cleansing of sin.
  • Those who are baptized fully identify with Christ.
  • It is the initiation of the believer’s membership in the fellowship of believers (The Church).
  • It is part of one’s conversion process when one is saved from their sin.

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Ready to Try a Group?

We believe that spiritual development happens best in community.

Throughout the year, we encourage small groups of (6-10) people to gather for Bible study and mutual encouragement in living the Christian life. Each of these groups is unique and comprised of different types of people.

Consistently across each group, the participants study God’s Word and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where people pray together and care for one another. We encourage all people connected to RCC to consider and join a group.

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Ready to Help?

We have plenty to do at RCC and two ways you can get involved to help!

The first way is for anyone who’d consider themselves an attender of RCC without having taken the step of covenant membership. Here are a few ways you can help out:

  • Communion Prep
  • Hospitality Team
  • Coffee Prep
  • Audio Visual
  • Worship Team Member
  • Nursery Helper (Background Check Required)

The second way is for those who’ve stepped into the investment and accountability of covenant membership. Here are ways that covenant members serve:

  • Children’s Church Teacher
  • Groups Leader
  • Church Elder
  • Deacon
  • Bible Study Leader
  • Prayer Team

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Ready for a Deeper Level?

Each Spring we offer an 8-week course for those who’d like to dive deeper into service and accountability with RCC. This course is called The Discovery Sessions. It has this name for two reasons.

  1. You don’t know everything there is to know about RCC. This course is designed to answer questions you may have about the Church. It may even answer some questions you haven’t thought to ask yet!
  2. This course is designed for those who’d like a deeper level of investment and accountability in what we do here. This course is a primer and is not mandatory for those who’d like to enter into covenant with the Church.

Ready for the step of Covenant Membership? See the “I’m Ready” button below.

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