Romania Mission Team 1 Praying Before Departure

Snow! Wind! Ice! One thing we need to remember about traveling in January is that it’s wintertime. Another thing we must always remember is that God is good and we have prayed (and are praying). The Lord has ordained this partnership with the missionaries in Romania. What God ordains, He accomplishes.

There is excitement and cautious expectation among us. We are ready to bear down for the 20 hour trip via automobile, bus and airplane to our work site in Orevita Mare.

The roads from Rushville to Chicago O’Hare Airport look patchy with ice. The expectation is they could be worse as we continue farther north.

We were sent off in prayer by dear brothers from our RCC tribe. Now we’re moving and the anxiousness of finally getting to this day has subsided.

Please continue to hold us in prayer as we travel and work.